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Data Migration

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Data Migration 

At EMIT, we recognise that you have a day job, and that when you are embarking on a new application implementation project, the last thing you need is to become buried in the potential minefield of migrating data


Data Migration, Made Simple


Too often, data migration is tagged onto the end of the project just before it is due to go live – too late to react to data quality and data transformation issues. Of course, it may be possible to ‘sort out’ your data before completing the migration process, but often this isn’t practical and can be extremely time-consuming.

EMIT can help you using an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) approach, allied to our expertise and data transformation tool sets. Using ETL, we will help you with the identification and extraction of your legacy data. We will then work with you to transform your data into the format and structure required for your new applications. Finally, we’ll perform the load into your new home database.

The figure below demonstrates the high-level process employed by EMIT in taking non-integrated data from multiple sources through this ETL process. Along the way, we’ll also help you cleanse and validate your data.

Our rule-based data transformation allows us to automate such tasks as splitting out counties and towns; ‘fixing’ phone numbers based on their international or mobile prefix; finding email addresses; associating sales history with the correct account, region and salesperson, and much more. It isn’t magic, but it is clever, and it does save you a lot of time.

If you are implementing our Dynamics CRM product, there’s even better news. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides you with a data import wizard – designed for use by the end user, allowing you to import from text or Excel files. The wizard maps data fields to the appropriate CRM fields and allows data transformation, such as mapping choice fields and lookup fields to matching choices in Dynamics CRM. Newly imported records may be viewed separately and import errors are reported to the user for correction.

This process can be used in the initial stages of implementation to prove data quality or prepare for test cycles. It can also be used to load data after you go live if, for example, you purchase a marketing list.


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Experienced Partner

With over 10 years of experience EMIT is an expert in the field of successful data migration, through our partnerships with Microsoft and Dell we are at the forefront of the latest solutions

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Clear Process

We implement a project plan based on the latest project management practices to ensure clear risk mitigation, on time delivery and clear user testing

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Clean data implementation

Using the extract transform load (ETL) process we ensure that the data is transferred over and correctly transformed to conform to the requirements of its new destination to prevent conflicts, errors or corruption

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