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Dell Networking

Dell Networking


When modern applications push infrastructure to the limit, it may be time to rethink your networking strategy. Dell Networking solutions from EMIT can help liberate your organisation’s IT with an agile, efficient and modernised open standards-based network.   

Networking Built to Last


EMIT is one of the fastest-growing Dell Networking partners in Ireland and, based on price, performance and open standards, we are helping our customers to build the most sophisticated networks to meet the demands of today’s IT environments.

Dell Networking from EMIT puts the choice back in your hands. Now we can help to create networks that are right for your business, with modern high-performance solutions.

  • Networking for the future-ready data centre

Virtualise and converge your infrastructures and services with Dell Active Fabric and powerful, cost-effective switching platforms.

  • Networking for the wired and wireless user

Modernise your infrastructures with solutions optimised for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and unified communications.

  • Networking for mobile devices

Help meet your users’ increasing mobile-access demands while ensuring security and quality of service (QoS).

  • Software-defined networking (SDN) strategy

Rely on EMIT and Dell to enable your SDN strategies regardless of which path you choose.


Active Fabric Architecture – doing more with less.

Active Fibre is at the heart of Dell Networking. There are several advantages which Active Fabric architecture can offer when compared to conventional chassis-based architecture.


The Active Fabric architecture can be scaled to extremely large capacities using attractively priced fixed form factor Ethernet switches, as opposed to complex, expensive chassis-based switches.


The Active Fabric architecture is massively scalable and used to build large capacity data centres.


The non-blocking architecture delivers high performance and supports any-to-any communication with full bisection bandwidth at line rate between any two servers.

Scale out

The architecture enables scale out networking to increase fabric capacity as compute demands grow, by adding leaf and spine nodes without inserting additional layers of switches.


Network components in traditional architecture need to be updated or replaced periodically to scale up. Active Fabric architecture allows one node to be brought down or replaced without having any impact on the overall switch fabric. This built-in resiliency is another great advantage of the leaf-spine architecture.


The distributed core approach allows the use of either layer 2 or layer 3 protocols for switching and routing within the fabric.

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Build a future-ready network

Whether you are looking to make your network more efficient or your IT infrastructure more practical, EMIT’s end-to-end Dell Networking solutions will allow you to evolve on your own schedule. It’s time to break the vendor lock and open up your business to new innovation.

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