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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Safeguard Your IT

IT is critical in any business, and as you know it’s essential for your day to day business. In order to secure revenue by preventing downtime it’s imperative that you have a comprehensive, scalable and practical disaster recovery and business continuity plan





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The EMIT team has many years of experience in assisting businesses with preparing for the worst in terms of IT systems, connectivity, office premises and other core assets becoming unavailable at very short notice.

Take the following test about how well-prepared your business is in the event of a disaster:

  1. My office has an emergency contingency plan in place for physical disasters.
  2. IT is the only department responsible for disaster preparedness within my organisation.
  3. I keep my employees updated on the most current security threats and provide guidance on what to look for.
  4. My business operations require a 24/7/365 model that involves constant uptime.
  5. My organisation and its departments are tightly organised and can coordinate effectively in the event of a catastrophic system failure or disaster.
  6. If my business location is struck by a disaster, it could re-establish operations seamlessly or at a minimum within hours or days.
  7. My datacentre has an off-site disaster recovery location established and configured.
  8. My organisation needs a partner that can integrate my systems to mitigate disaster risk and ensure availability of systems and resources.
  9. Critical IT systems and data are backed up on an hourly and/or daily basis.
  10. In the event of system/server failure or disaster, data can be restored quickly and effectively.

If any of the above points are of concern for your business – we can help. 

Azure Backup

Introducing Microsoft Azure Backup from EMIT – simple and reliable cloud integrated backup as a service. Offering fast and simple backup capabilities, Azure Backup provides an easy and cost-effective way to backup your server data in the cloud. 


Azure Site Recovery

Microsoft Azure Site Recovery puts disaster recovery right at the forefront of your business continuity plan; a hot topic at board level in today’s technology-driven businesses. Azure Site Recovery gives back confidence to your staff, IT teams and management by providing the ability to recover virtual machines to the cloud, power them up and resume working.


Dell Data Protection Encryption 

Dell Data Protection | Encryption is a flexible suite of enhanced security solutions that include software and hardware-based encryption, enhanced management of Microsoft® BitLocker and protection of data on external media, self-encrypting drives, mobile devices and data in public cloud storage services.


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